When people ask us what exactly it is that we sell, our default answer is generally “everything for the workplace”. It used to be that we sold “office supplies”, but we very quickly realised that did not reflect the true message because a large percentage of what we supply is for warehouses, washrooms, education establishments and increasingly home workers.
In saying we do “everything” for the workplace we are often challenged by our customers. We believe it is because they genuinely require what they request and they are not just trying to catch us out, but we generally succeed.
One of the more recent areas we have evolved into is ground maintenance – “You don’t do shovels, shears, weedkiller and pest repellent do you?”, funny enough, yes, we do! It seems that as businesses have cut back on costs, moved premises and even helped employees convert outside buildings into workspaces, there is a lot more maintenance and gardening being carried out by employees rather than employing a gardener or maintenance person.
Whether this is overtime, part of their job or done voluntarily to improve the working environment is not really our place to ask, we just supply the tools for the job!
It doesn’t matter if your premises are large with landscaping and exterior employee & visitor areas, or more modest in stature, it’s important to ensure that the site and exterior grounds are maintained in an effective and efficient manner. Like all things, first impressions count, so ensure your car parking areas are weed free, any green areas or landscaping are kept tidy and keep vermin strictly under control.

Pest Control – Top Tips

  • Pest control is an all year-round part of home and garden maintenance.
  • Our range provides control whatever the problem
  • Check seals around your window and door frames. The smallest of gaps can allow pests into your home.
  • Large holes or cracks in external brickwork should be filled to prevent mice and rats getting in.
  • Cover open pipes and vents with a grill or insect screen and fill any gaps around pipes.
  • Shrubbery can look an appealing home for mice, so make sure all shrubbery is kept short.
  • Store firewood away from the home and off the ground.
  • Don’t leave pet food outside and remove bowls once food has been consumed.